FoxySpider 1.00

Download all media from a website in one click


  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Perfect for mass image downloading


  • You may get an empty gallery if the extension is not properly set up

Very good

FoxySpider is a handy Firefox add-on that makes mass media downloading a lot faster and easier for you.

Once installed on your browser, FoxySpider scans the selected website and downloads images, videos, or any other specific file type you have configured in the program’s options. FoxySpider seems to be especially designed to download media files, but you can set it up to find virtually any kind of file.

The good thing about FoxySpider is that it doesn’t only scan websites in search of the selected file types; it also creates a custom gallery with them, which comes in really handy when you’re working with online images.

The configuration settings in FoxySpider include everything you need to adapt the add-on to your needs: gallery design options, crawling filters, file types to download, and more. Just one final tip: if you get an empty gallery, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a bug. Simply double-check configuration options to make sure everything is properly set up.

With FoxySpider you can easily scan websites for different file types and create galleries with downloaded images.



FoxySpider 1.00

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